Ahnentafel H-Wurf

Ch.Papaws Yankee Doodle
Ch.Brigadoon`s Wizard Of OZCh.Auldscotta Watch OutCh.Wigglesworth Jokers Wind
Auldcotta Forever Young
Ch.Brigadoon`s Party DollCh.Windfiddler`s Still Cruisin
Ch.Brigadoon`s Trudy Tuesday
Ch.Daybar Shaken Not StirredCh.Sheiling Nonesuch Spirit Ch.Windfiddler`s Still Cruisin
Ch.Sheiling`s D`Arque Sugar
Ch.Brigadoon`s Gotta Have ItCh.Brigadoon`s Extra Special
Ch.Brigadoon`s Hot Too-Molly
Bonny and Clyde's Walking on Sunshine
Babbacombe Chequers Ch.Chriscaro Charlock at Merrythorpe Potterdale Maestro at Mybeards
Ch.Chriscaro Chianti
Gildenmede Goodnight


Moonhill Knight of the Stars
Ch.Gildenmede Ghiselle
Ch. Bonny and Clyde's

Diadem Durcy


M-Ch.Charncroft Caleb Charncroft Cloverglen
Charncroft Copper Surprise
Beam of Light from the little Minx Nobility Ike for Insider
Granny Gipsy the Nobility