Ahnentafel G-Wurf

Ch.Nobility King of my Heart
Ch.Nobility Alamo BayBabbacombe ChequersCh.Chriscaro Charlock at Merrythorpe
Gildenmede Goodnight Girl
Nobility Hurdy the HighnessCh.Dearbolt Christopher Robin
Ch.Easy Expression the Nobility
Ch.Nobility From Zandy with Love Moonspell Motivation Vilmorin Dramatization
Allhiker's Joyance with Moonspell
Ch.Nobility Zinderella ZandyCh.Charncroft Caleb
Ch.Glamour Gladys the Nobility
Black Joice of my Heart from Beautiful Mind
Ch. Papaws Yankee Doodle Ch.Brigadoons Wizard of Oz Ch.Auldscotia Watch Out
Ch.Brigadoons Party Doll
CH.Daybar Shaken nit Stirred Ch.Sheilings Nonesuch Spirit
Ch.Brigadoons Gotta Have it Brigadoon
Bonny and Clydes Stop'N'Stare


Ch.Nobility Mr.Mason Ch.Charncroft Caleb
Ch.Glamour Gladys the Nobility
CH.Bonny and Clydes Kausing Kommotion Babbacombe Chequers
Ch.Bonny and Clydes Diadem Durcy